PCC Multiverse #140- The Joker Runs Wild, Call of Duty Goes Mobile, and The Fight Is On For AEW vs. WWE and NXT!


The PCC Multiverse returns as Josh and Gerald talk about the social and financial impact of DC’s The Joker as it hits movie theaters this weekend. Will Sony and Marvel follow suit with a similar movie, and will Warner Bros. resist temptations to make a sequel? Call of Duty goes mobile and we discuss not only the reaction from gamers but gauge the marketplace for more familiar IPs from the video game universe and if they will be coming to your mobile phone any time soon. We also continue our countdown of the top 200 video games of all-time with #’s 71-80 and pick a winner in the East and West for the National Hockey League and who will end up holding the Stanley Cup after it’s all said and done. Plus Mattox and Thundercookies from The Heavyweight Chumps stop by to talk the biggest week in pro wrestling with the debut of All-Elite Wrestling Dynamite facing off on Wednesdays against the World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT and the season debut of WWE Raw on USA and WWE Smackdown returning to broadcast television after nine years with Fox and Rob McCallum stops drops his first “Off The Cuff” segment talking about Kevin Feige, Star Wars, Marvel and Sony, The Irishman and more!
Presented by Rob McCallum Films, the novel Congratulations, You Suck (available for purchase HERE), and Retro City Games!

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