Petoons Party Review- Rock, Paper, Scissors, Mediocrity…

Jamie Monroy by Jamie Monroy

Trying to get the family together for a great time playing video games? With so many distractions causing everyone in the house to choose different things to do with their time, it’s almost a mini-game in and of itself to get everyone together to just have some fun together as a family unit. Even getting friends to come over can seem a bit hard at times with everything going on out there. While board and card games do have their allure, sometimes it takes a good old-fashioned video game to get everyone together for some entertainment. Could Petoons Party (Pettons Studio, MSRP $19.99) be the second coming of the Mario Party series that brings a group of up to four players together?

In this group-centric party game, the Petoons need help facing off against the evil Kitra, who wants to take Kimera Island and the magic from the cute, quirky Inhabitants the Petoons. In order to defeat Kitra, you’re going to have to grab the family and friends and hope all of them have brushed up on their Rock, Paper, Scissors skills.  Before starting you can choose from modes ranging from Boards, Cups, and Mini-Games. Boards being like a story or main mode is what was played on our end, with Cups being a tournament-like mode with a variety of preset arrays of mini-games to compete in.

The Party after the “party” is one way of putting my time with this game. But with every pun intended, playing through Petoons Party was indeed a siesta more than a fiesta due to the lack of variety of mini-games. We (here at Game Source) played through a full island and what came with that island I can honestly say was a relatively decent time at first. The standout being when two players are on the same spot, it will trigger a duel in Rock, Paper, Scissors that can be highly entertaining in short bursts. But after a short time, I did, however, come to grips with the game’s repetitive nature of how it doles out the required mini-game to continue the progression. the game becomes a turn off due to the difficult nature of some of the in-game events tilted against you to the point it’s seemingly unfair.

Cute, colorful characters and visuals, along with music you’ll soon find yourself humming to provide a very nice touch for me. For those that played with me, their constant reminders from them on how the game looked like a budget indie game or a poor “Plumber’s Gala” was a reminder that overall Petoons Studio has a way to go in developing the perfect party game. While I agree with them on some aspects of this title, I have to say that if you don’t have access to a Nintendo system, give Petoons Party a shot. But remember to do so with whoever you play in short stints. For you need to be prepared to have some quirky times with family and friends.

Enjoying The Party:

+Dueling players in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

+Colorful, cute characters and visuals, and music you will soon find yourself humming.

The Party Crasher:

-Repetitive gameplay gets old sooner than later with a lack of quality mini-games.

-Some events on the game board are just plain unfair.


5.5 OUT OF 10.jpg

(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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