And So it Begins…

For the past year, I have dubbed myself a 501st Groopie. I have tagged along with my husband at various troops. I even had the opportunity to plan my own for foster children here in Orange County. Through each of these troops I have noticed one thing in common, everyone who sees the troopers for the first time have the look of pure joy. And by pure joy I mean, that look a child gets when they see Santa for the first time and realize that maybe, just maybe, that jolly old man might be real.

Well, it’s my turn to make others happy like that.

I decided to go with a scout trooper simply because scouts have more fun. Go to an event and you’ll spot them right away, they’re the ones doing the silly dance in the middle of the room. Did I also mention they wear less gear than a storm trooper? Cause that plays a big role in my decision making as well.

Image result for Scout trooper


So where does a girl start in her pursuit to be a Scout Trooper?  She starts with a box of pieces that look something like this:img_0358

Yup, all that plastic needs to be sanded down and trimmed to fit me. It’s a daunting task and I probably won’t finish it anytime soon.  So join me in my series as I embark on my journey to go from a bunch of plastic pieces to this:


My friend, Katie, who has been a great resource in getting me started on this journey.



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