Rogue One Review: The Prequel That We Have All Been Waiting For


Rogue One is the Star Wars prequel that we not only need, we deserve. The story of how Princess Leia obtains the plans to the Death Star that ignites a whole rebellion is grittier, rawer and full of more hope than I ever thought possible.

Up until this point in every Star Wars movie, we have had a clear definition of the good guys and the bad guys. What few characters that operated within a gray area at the beginning of a movie chose a side before the end. However, with Rogue One every character operates within the gray area, on both sides of the aisle. There were characters who did terrible things for the rebel alliance which is very realistic. There are people in our world who do dishonorable things for the greater good of their country and Rogue One reaches out to that element of our humanity more than any other Star Wars movie. Because of this, it is more a war movie than it is a science fiction movie. Rogue One strips away the glorification of war to show the brutal sacrifice that people can make.

The one theme that Star Wars has always been good about capitalizing on is that a group of individuals can come together for the great good. Here, in Rogue One, we see that more than in any other movie in the franchise. These misfits who had nothing in common realize that there is something bigger than themselves that they need to come together to fight for a new world that they may not necessarily have a place for them.

With all of the above taken into consideration, Rogue One is unlike any other Star Wars movie that has come before it. A few old friends make exciting appearances along with a new set of characters for us to fall in love with.  It successfully fills in a number of plot holes and creates a sense of urgency for the events of the original series. It is definitely not a movie to be missed for new and current fans of the franchise.


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