KALIBER Gaming Mice Review: iOGEAR’s attempt to get a “frag” up on its rivals…

With E-sports gaming at an all time high and a new wave of gamers clamoring to find that extra edge on their competition whether it be for the next tournament or multiplayer match. With the glut on the market of gaming peripherals its easy to see how anyone can become confused on what products will be the best one for the money. Among those companies is iOGEAR who have ushered out new offerings in gaming mice that just might fit the bill.

One look at the three new choices added to their KALIBER gaming line and the thought comes to mind that one of these options will suit a player’s needs. Whether the thought is for a mouse that is built for high-level action or one that will give a steady feel at a comfortable price our look at these mice gave us an opinion that iOGEAR is taking the gaming world very seriously with what they have to offer. So having that in mind let’s get into the depths to see if they meet the challenge…

The FOKUS KALIBER Gaming Mouse by iOGEAR

FOKUS (iOGEAR, KALIBER Gaming MSRP $49.95)- From the moment one places their hands on this product, the thought quickly pops up is that this is definitely not just your average gaming mouse. Supported with an aluminum chassis and a click wheel that is rubber coated, the mouse freely floats around has a quick response without that feeling that the mouse will slip out of you hand at the slightest jarring movement. With a sensor generating up to 8200 dpi that one can adjust on the fly with a touch of a button, finding that comfortable balance during gameplay seems to always be an option.

While this unit comes in an “imperial white”, the LED backlighting emanates a varying group of colors that gives the FOKUS a distinctive look in a pattern to an almost “breathing-like” formation (as a nod to Star Wars and a certain character in the movie no doubt). With eight different programmable buttons at a player’s fingertips, the gaming mouse can be customized (with some software assistance) to have those needed response buttons right there at a moment’s notice. While the DPI button will on rare occasions accidentally be pressed because of its close proximity to the click wheel, the mouse even under heavy duress performs at an admirable level when using it during heated gameplay.

Of all the iOGEAR mice to be sent our way for review, the FOKUS is the one that stands out as a mice to have that will perform intricate maneuvering and finite movements. From the way it feels to the elements in how it performs it’s clear the FOKUS should be a strong consideration before gearing up for that next MOBA or FPS match.



RETIKAL (iOGEAR, KALIBER Gaming MSRP $34.95)- Promoted as the go between the lower and higher priced models the RETIKAL upon first glance would seem like it’s a capable alternative. With an optical laser with a top end of 5000 dpi, five different profile save options and nine programmable buttons, the RETIKAL looks to be a cost saving alternative that might be a fair choice for gamers. While the dpi isn’t close to its more expensive counterpart, it’s the reaction time of the mouse itself (coming in at 1.30 in/s a slight .20 behind the FOKUS) that may give some pause in choosing this model and not just investing a little more hard earned cash on the faster model.

The RETIKAL is not without some important benefits as a devoted sniper button even helped the lowliest of multiplayer participants (such as this reviewer) feel after using it like they have a least a better chance at survival for a few minutes longer. But where the RETIKAL really stands out is that the actual “feel” of the mouse where grip and finger placement are concerned as it is the best of the three with the button placement being easily accessible yet not even close to being cumbersome. This can lead to less hand fatigue and a much longer playing window if desired.

While the recommendation isn’t there to give the RETIKAL as a top flight gaming mouse, nor should it be a strong option for serious players it is definitely a computer accessory better suited to casual gaming individuals. The RETIKAL is an extremely comfortable gaming mouse that does a very solid job for what it’s asked to do, if it is not asked to do it at a professional level.



SYMMETRE (iOGEAR, KALIBER Gaming, MSRP $24.95)- As the base entry unit for the iOGEAR KALIBER line of gaming mice, one would think that on a features and performance level that the SYMMETRE would not appeal to those seeking success on the gaming field. True it does not have all the bells and whistles that its more expensive brethren have but it does have plenty to offer for those looking for a budgeted alternative.

Packed with a 4000dpi and again nine programmable buttons and a rubber reinforced click wheel, the basic features alone might warrant some consideration by serious gamers. But even with on the fly adjustments for the dpi like the others, the SYMMETRE has a reaction time that when used is noticeably slower than the FOKUS or RETIKAL (.60 in/s) and for those with lightning fast reflexes would not be something they would be ultimately happy with. Furthermore its slightly narrower base didn’t give the same comfort level that had become accustomed to with the RETIKAL.

As a budget conscious option, the SYMMETRE does it have features that can help players gain an edge in the PC gaming world over the standard mouse. More avid players though should look at the higher models as an option if they want to gain an even further edge. If the SYMMETRE were to have been available as a wireless mouse, one would take into much stronger consideration as a viable gaming PC accessory option.


While all have an ambidextrous design that caters to players that are both right and left-handed and each has an on screen interface that will allow the user to customize it accordingly, the clear choice for those who want to get that competitive edge lies with the FOKUS. An attention to detail was focused on with this model and while it does carry a higher price tag the results when using it as compared to the other two clearly makes for a definite edge.

For those just looking for a more light and flavorful playing experience, the SYMMETRE will be akin to those needs as its value priced performance holds up with with casual players. While the RETIKAL is a clear choice for casual gaming and SYMMETRE  would have been more attractive and appealing as wireless model in order to be more of a counter acting force to Logitech’s offerings, the iOGEAR gaming line of mice does show some promise with the FOKUS in particular being a very competitive option in the E-sports gaming world.

(Please note that for this article, reviewer did receive a code/copy/product from the Public Relations Firm, Developer and/or Publisher responsible for distribution to the press.)

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