PCC Multiverse #273- Nicolas Cage Shows Some Massive Talent, Thor Debuts Some Love and Thunder, and Has Meta Changed The Reality of VR?


The weekend box office continues to heat up as Melinda Barkhouse-Ross and Gerald Glassford check in to see which of the three new wide releases will captivate audiences the most. Will it be the warrior picture The Northman, the animated try from Universal with the Bad Guys, or the return of Nic Cage to the spotlight in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent? All this plus the latest Marvel news with the dynamic duo covering the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, the preview of the Marvel Multiverse tabletop RPG, and episode four of Moon Knight on Disney Plus. Also, what will happen now for Netflix as they went through their worst week ever with declining subscriber numbers and a huge amount of lost stock revenue. All this and how the landscape of Virtual Reality has changed for the latest generation as Meta Quest 2’s huge promotional push to both gamers and non-gamers alike have flipped the marketplace in their favor as they battle against Sony’s Playstation VR 2.

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