1More ComfoBuds Review: Small and Sexy Design, But at What Cost?

Depending on where you turn, companies try to continually update their products with added features utilizing one extreme or another. On the one hand, you have those that laud their products as being bigger and more powerful, while others try to downsize as much as possible, always claiming of enhancements designed to bring more eyes (and dollars) to their latest entries. 1More has decided to go the reduction route with their latest line of budget earbuds as the Comfobuds (1More, MSRP $59.99, Buy it now on Amazon or 1More.com) check in with a decidely reduced package. But is smaller and sleeker the way to go for your next pair of earbuds?

When you first start putting research into what makes the 1More Comfobuds so special, it has to start with its smaller size. Weighing in at a lightweight 3.8 grams, these buds are smaller and substantially lighter than virtually all of its rival competitors. Now mind you, earbuds as a rule are intended to be a more petite way of listening, but the Comfobuds check in with a much reduced package, as evidenced by some of the screen shots below.

The 1More Comfobuds (pictured left) are housed within a smaller charging case than competitors such as the Lavanda Lune (middle) and Helm Audio True Wireless 5.0 (right) earbuds.

Let’s take into account the lighter weight and build as it allows for less fatigue on the ears with extended play. 1More’s 13.4 mm dynamic drivers provide a clean sound that accentuates the higher tones in speech and music. Four installed noise cancelling microphones allow for adequate transmission in voice, something that has not always been a great selling point with a great many earbuds in its category. The Comfobuds case smaller size allows for almost too easy convenice in portability (be careful it doesn’t get lost!), and once paired it will automatically connect itself to that device every time out just by removing the earbuds from its miniscule storage bin. Of course the Comfobuds are sweat and water-resistant but are potential buyers worried about having to fiddle around with a play and pause feature? Not a problem here as the earbuds will automatically stop when you take them out of the ear and start once again when you re-insert them.

The Comfobuds however come with some trade offs for its diminished size. If not positioned well, the earbuds will slip out a lot easier than others. While the sound as stated earlier easily takes care of the mid and high ranges, those desiring their share of fluid bass tones will have to look elsewhere. A final concern of note is with this smaller construction comes a reduced play and charge capability as the Comfobuds last up to four hours by themselves and up to eighteen with its base. Compared to others in the marketplace, such as the up to 45 hours offered by the Lavanda Lune or even the 30 claimed by the True Wireless 5.0 from HELM Audio among some that we have already tried.

An ever-growing lineup of wireless earphone technology lining up the virtual shelves at places such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others may have consumers going back and forth over which device might be best for them. The Comfobuds by 1More does offer a great value to consumers looking for a comfortable starting point for their excursion into earbud technology. With a nice set of features neatly presented in a sleek, smaller package, these earbuds should be a strong consideration for those searching for a balance between affordability and keen functionality.

(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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