Pop Culture Cosmos #222- Pop Culture Cosmos Invades Indie Pods United, Rob McCallum Takes Canada On An Action Figure Adventure, And What’s In A Name For Baby Yoda?


The Pop Culture Cosmos takes Indie Pods United by storm as Marcus De La Garza and Gerald Glassford hit the convention LIVE on its opening day talking about the HUGE demand to find Playstation 5/XBOX Series console this Black Friday and why getting into the next console generation was the one consumer product people were lining up for days for in the middle of a pandemic. And with all the online shopping bargains now being offered by retailers throughout November, will there still be a reason to have a Cyber Monday in the future? Amazon renews THE EXPANSE for a sixth and final season before the fifth has even started, so our resident Expanse expert Marcus weighs in on how the show could possibly end, just how big a hit this was for Amazon Prime, and the mistake made by SyFy/Universal. Baby Yoda’s real name was revealed on the latest episode of The Mandalorian, but will people still just keep calling “The Child” Baby Yoda anyway? All this and award-winning director Rob McCallum from Zero Cool Films is back to talk about his latest docuseries Action Figure Adventure and its debut on GINX E-Sports TV in Canada later this week. He and Gerald also reflect on his filmography and a clearer idea of if he will ever make a direct sequel to his biggest hit, Nintendo Quest. 

For more info on Action Figure Adventure, check out Zero Cool Films, and for how to get GINX E-Sports TV (Including a FREE trial) stop by their GINX.TV page.

To be a part of Indie Pods United, ticket information can be had at indiepodsunited.com.

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Presented by Pop Culture CosmosZero Cool FilmsIndie Pods United,  the novel Congratulations, You Suck (available for purchase HERE), and Retro City Games!

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