Lavanda Lune Wireless ANC Earbuds Review: Good Things Can Come In A Small Package…

Never let it be said that the wave of earbuds hitting the marketplace is a bad thing. Our previous review of the Helm Audio standouts gives creedence to the notion that as the technology improves, the options for everyone having a quality audio experience in a smaller format is more a reality than fantasy. The success of Apple’s AirPods only accentuates that fact because of the sheer demand for the entire product line. But there are plenty of people out there looking for other options, especially if they have an Android. For those that are could the brand new Lavanda Lune Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds (Lavanda, MSRP $156.00 but pre-ordering HERE gets you 50% off, launching on IndieGoGo on October 27th at 12:00AM EST) be the wireless option they’re looking for?

Coming in at a paltry five grams, it’s light on weight yet still packs a ton of value for anyone looking for a quality earbuds option. First and foremost, the Lavanda Lune provides a smooth, silky stereo sound with great distinctions in highs and vocalization. The 1552A Airoha chip drives that sound well although the only need for improvement lies in the need for a touch more bass to balance out the very impressive handling of treble that these earpods provide. The active noise cancelling feature effectively blocks out most outside noise, creating a solitary listening experience that makes studying, resting, or a tighter focus on a workout that much more successful.

Need to hear the world around you? Simply touch the earbud and the unit goes into an enhanced Ambient Sound mode that allows for continued listening, but the ability to hear much of the world while doing so. Listening in this mode was effective as it allowed for a somewhat more normal conversation instead of trying to answer questions or inquiries or even hold brief conversations without having an unknowingly raised voice. The touch controls utilizing both earbuds also provide simple and effective navigation for music and phone operation.

Utilizing the carrying/charging case allows for a total of up to 45 hours of battery life without needing a plugin via USB. So what does this really mean? Simply put, when this is claimed by any earbuds manufacturer, that denotes usage+the amount of times carrying case can be used to provide a charge without needing a charge of it’s own (in this case five is the magic number). On a single charge and with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) not turned on, the unit during testing lasted close to nine hours which is on the better end of the scale for earbuds in their similar class. If ANC is activated look for the battery usage to be reduced by almost half (25 total hours).

Bluetooth connectivity to other devices has on every instance been quick and easy. A desire to have a more extended range when walking away from devices around corners or hallways is there, but not substantially less than other bluetooth devices used such as the Helm Audio, 1More Hi-Definition Adapter, and the Turtle Beach Stealth 700, but more than the Decibullz, 1More iBFree, and Earfun options reviewed in the recent past. And to cap everything off, the unit is IP66 sweat and water resistant and like you might have see in the Lavanda Lune trailer above, the opportunity to test these out in the shower didn’t pass us by and worked well while doing so.

Seeing how this review has been written with the Lavanda Lune is still yet to hit the open market, the opportunity to try these earbuds was very much a worthwhile experience. With an ease of use, a light weight that’s easy on the ears, and a sound and Active Noise Cancellation capability that provides exceptional value, this listening option should rank high on many upcoming shopping lists. The Lavanda Lune earbuds enter the marketplace as one of the premier options for anyone searching for a better wireless option.

(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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