Pop Culture Cosmos #201- Video Game Prices Could Be Going Higher, Tik Tok Is Growing More Powerful, and Just How Good Is Hamilton?


Josh Pederson returns to talk with Gerald about what’s trending in pop culture. And what’s trending is talk of the price of video games could possibly be going up in the next generation, but is this justifiable? Tik Tok has grown to become a powerful social media platform in recent months, can it become just as bigger than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? We continue the discussion from Friday on the Fallout franchise coming to Amazon Prime. Was this a great idea for the streaming service, or was there another video game IP that would have been a better choice? All this and we continue our Top 100(ish) movie countdown as we get to #30-39 and Hamilton arrived last week on Disney+ has been HUGE for the streaming outlet. But is it as good as everyone who saw it on Broadway says it is? Gerald shares his thoughts on what is one of the biggest TV events of 2020.

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