PCC Multiverse #179- E-Sports Mired In Controversy, Tony Hawk vs. Skate Revisited, and Beavis and Butthead Are Breaking The Law Again!


It’s a jammed packed episode as Jamie Monroy aka Degenerate2018 on Twitch returns to talk with Gerald about the major allegations of misconduct and abuse within the fighting game and E-Sports community. How will this affect the industry moving forward and will support from major game studios and sponsors dwindle because of it? The guys also get you updated on all the latest news such as DC’s Cyborg taking issue with Joss Whedon and his direction on Justice League. They chat about the impending battle for skateboarding fans as we see the video game rivalry between Skate and Tony Hawk come alive once again. Plus the guys touch on Marvel’s newest comic book acquisitions in Alien and Predator, the announced return of Beavis and Butthead to television courtesy of Comedy Central, and Fallout heading to Amazon Prime. All this and more on a very busy episode of the PCC Multiverse!
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