Lakers Fast Break- Who Could Stay and Who Could Play For The Lakers in Orlando? with LakerTom!

LakerTom from is back to talk about the week ahead for decisions to be made on who’s playing in Orlando and who might be staying behind. What’s the possibility Avery Bradley and Dwight Howard not going? How will the voice for change continue for the Lakers and the NBA once they get to Orlando? Speaking of Orlando Tom and Gerald also talk about some of the “bubble” restrictions based on the NBA’s Coronavirus plan, and if the virus gets out of hand, could the NBA cancel the season? The guys also talk the hiring of Dr. Karina Brown for the Lakers, “secret workouts” for the Lakers, Jeanie Buss’s statements on systemic racism and the horrible comments made in response from racist fans, and what the NBA and its players can do to keep the fight for social justice at the forefront during the NBA playoffs. Plus should the Lakers bring back DeMarcus Cousins and what could he do to help the team at this point? All this and more on another great episode of the Lakers Fast Break podcast!
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