PCC Multiverse #176- Playstation 5 Is Revealed, What’s Most popular on HBO Max, and Party On Dude It’s an Excellent Time To Be Bill and Ted!


The Playstation 5 was finally shown off to the public this week and Gerald and Josh are here to break down the games and the console design and weigh in with their first impressions. Plus the guys get to party on with some excellent talk about Bill and Ted Face The Music after the first trailer dropped this week. Does it bring back those warm feelings from the past and when is it due to come out? They also weigh in on Arcade 1up’s announcement on three new cabinets and a pinball machine coming to stores this holiday and how the most popular shows on HBO Max might not be what you think. All this and Noah Ian Fein of the Hunnicoutcasts stops by with five of the titles for video games that have truly inspired him.

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