Get Ready! It’s Time For An Action Figure Adventure!

Director Rob McCallum and his favorite muse Jay Bartlett are back together again. The lifelong friends, known for their amazing video game collecting documentary Nintendo Quest, have taken up a new challenge as they look to once again gather more pieces of pop culture history. But what can they do for an encore? They have harkened back to another part of their childhood that has remained endearing to them as they’ve embarked upon an Action Figure Adventure (Pyre Productions, Zero Cool Films, 2020).

In their latest go-around, Rob and Jay tour famous toy shops far and wide across North America, to check out and obtain action figures both rare and fascinating. From Star Wars to He-Man, Kenner to Mattel, we follow Jay on another amazing journey as we delve into the deep history of some of these collectibles. Rob’s documentary will explain why these action figures are so dear to not only Jay but to millions of fans worldwide. The purchases made for the action figures come with the added bonus of being auctioned off a later date. With the proceeds going to the greatly deserving charity, the Children’s Health Foundation of London, Ontario.

Why the CHF? As their website puts it, the Children’s Health Foundation “believes that children and their families in Western Ontario deserve the best possible care and the most possible hope when faced with a serious health issue.” The proceeds from the sale of the items plus any other donations (which you can do today right here) directed to the organization “will fund cutting-edge equipment, care-enhancing programs, and groundbreaking pediatric research at Children’s Hospital in London, Thames Valley Children’s Centre and Children’s Health Research Institute.” But the Coronavirus halted production of the tenth and final episode of the series which would have included the auction which left Rob with two choices: A) Wait until it’s safe to hold a live auction or B) Move it to an online format. While there were as Rob put it “Pros and Cons with both” in his latest video update, ultimately a fate for the finale of Action Figure Adventures has been made.

The online auction and broadcasted event now has a tentative date of August 13th (changed from a live audience event due to COVID-19). Rob is in the process of creating bios and packages that will give potential bidders more background on what makes each of these figures so special. The determination to complete this journey sees Rob and Jay more determined than ever to end this series on a good note.

Action figures for many of us were a great source of play, inspiration, and imagination when we were young. And with his latest docuseries, director Rob McCallum has once again gotten his best friend involved in another cross-country trek, but this time not only to entertain viewers but to provide needed assistance to those children in the London, Ontario area who could use it the most. If you or anyone who loves action figures like Rob and Jay and would like to know more, check out their dedicated Facebook and Kickstarter pages for all the latest news and notes on this docuseries or my interview with Rob on the Pop Culture Cosmos. Prepare yourself, collectible lovers of all ages, for it will soon be time for all of us to go on an Action Figure Adventure!

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