PCC Multiverse #172- The Future of Deadpool, NASCAR’s Controversial Return, and Can Scoob Match The Success of Trolls World Tour?


It’s another excellent episode on tap as Josh and Gerald mull over the recent comments made about Deadpool 3 and speculate on the future of the merc with a Mouth at Disney and Marvel. The guys also talk about the New Mutants movie getting ANOTHER release date in August, the recent tech demo from Epic for their Unreal 5 engine on the Playstation 5, and relay if they were inspired or decided it was more of been there, done that presentation. And with Scoob headed to home video this weekend after not going to the theaters, is it traveling to the same road of success as Troll World Tour? Or even bigger? All this and Noah Ian Fein from the HunnicOutcasts stops by to talk WWE’s recent Money In The Bank, and Marcus De La Garza previews NASCAR’s big return to the spotlight this weekend. He talks about the favorites heading into this altered season, the iRacing experiment, and is it too soon to be starting up their engines once again?

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