PCC Multiverse #171- Tom Cruise Is Going Into Orbit, Taika Is Going Into A Galaxy Far, Far, Away, and Will We Be Soon Joining The Space Force For Netflix?


Another great episode is on tap as Josh and Gerald get the news that heralded director Taika Waititi has agreed to develop a film for the Star Wars Movie Universe. Will his input be the ingredient that injects life into this once revered cinema franchise? And what about all the great directors that have worked on The Mandalorian like Taika, why not ask more of them? Speaking of going orbital, Tom Cruise is working with Elon Musk to film in space. Is this a good idea or an ego trip waiting to happen? Plus Netflix has its own Space Force coming later this month, should we join up? All this and Cyberpunk 2077 is ready to court some major controversy when it releases in September, and our friend Troy Brewer from the Discover Community Network asked if Disney+ with first-run movies headed quickly to the service, could be something people are willing to pay up to $25 a month for, or does it need something more (Hulu perhaps)? All this and some Final Fantasy 7 remake love on our latest PCC Multiverse!

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