Pop Culture Cosmos #191- Doctor Strange 2 Gets Teleported Back Even Further, Avengers Endgame Remembered, and Our Dungons and Dragons Game Begins!


Welcome back to another great episode of the Pop Culture Cosmos as Josh and Gerald are joined by Octavio Gomez from Go Bros. Gaming. The guys talk about Disney and Marvel once again pushing the release date of Doctor Strange 2, this time to March of 2022, is something “strange” truly going on here? The guys also talk about their favorite video games to play during this pandemic that you should try and why Star Wars: The Clone Wars could be wrapping up its season in the best way possible for fans. We also celebrate the one year anniversary of the biggest box office success of all-time, Avengers Endgame by sharing our thoughts in a clip from our spoilercast, one of our most popular episodes ever. All this and we begin our journey in Dungeons and Dragons to the Lost Mines of Phandelver as Octavio, Gerald, Robert Gibson, and Roger Hamilton heed the call to play in this clip from our first part of our adventure. And since it was his first time ever for D&D, Octavio reflects on his initial time with the game and if he is enthusiastic about heading back into that world once again.
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