Lakers Fast Break- The NBA Fights Back on Future Draft Prospects with Rafael Barlowe from NBA Draft Junkies!

Rafael Barlowe from NBA Draft Junkies is back to talk about the breaking news of the NBA partnering with the G-League to entice top prospects thinking about going to NCAA or Overseas. He talks about the new program which sets up a G-League team in California designed to develop players not yet eligible for the NBA Draft. Rafael and Gerald look at how this will change the landscape of the high school to pro process and how it affects those overseas teams and also the NCAA. We look at the reasoning behind this decision and what that will mean for the future of the “one and done” option to became draft-eligible. We also talk about the players who have already committed, why they’re making the decision to join, and what players will look at this option seriously in the coming years on another great episode of the Lakers Fast Break podcast!

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