EarFun Free Truly Wireless Earbuds Review: You Will Be Having A Lot Of (Ear) Fun With These…

The marketplace for earbuds has exploded as the competition has heated up considerably in recent times. Sparked by the overwhelming success of Apple’s AirPods, the race to provide a quality alternative has raised the stakes with the consumer being the beneficiary of it.  Our glowing review of the HELM Audio True Wireless earbuds proved you can have a quality earbud experience without having to wait in line at your nearest Apple Store. But as the prices continue to stay high for wanted products from Sony, Beats, Audio-Technica and more, there is a growing number of requests for a budget-priced alternative that can satisfy those same audio needs. The folks at EarFun have made their EarFun Free Truly Wireless available for a price under fifty bucks, but are these the low-cost answer many have been looking for?

If one looks at this EarFun Free option with some disdain, let me first say that their impressions are misguided. The features they offer are very comparable to many of the earbuds out there, both in its price range and much higher. A 5.0 Bluetooth wireless experience that stays connected throughout your listening experience? Check. Waterproof technology that can stand up to the heaviest (and sweatiest) of workouts? Check. Five hours plus of battery life on a single charge? Check. A carrying case that can provide an additional four charges? Check. One-touch button operation to control volume, answer calls, and music navigation? Check. The EarFun Free offers many of the same capabilities its more expensive models do but at a much lower price range.

OK, that’s great that it does all that but how does it sound? Again considering the price point range many would be skeptical about how these will match up to against their more notable adversaries. I can freely admit as one who regularly reviews earbuds and headsets on a regular basis, that thought crept into my mind as well. But my fears were alleviated as listening to my music and Sirius XM apps on my phone gave me an experience that was on a level comparable and almost as good as the more expensive HELM audio earbuds. The separation of sound from the 6mm Graphene Drivers left me impressed and I can clearly say that I was surprised as to just how good this audio experience turned out to be.

Communicating on phone calls or to my Google Assistant via the mic built into the earbuds proved to be more than adequate. And this comes from someone who has experienced mic issues on earbuds repeatedly in the past. There were some slight drawbacks with the EarFun Free in that its design is not an exact fit for everyone, even with the supplied variations of ear tips that are provided.  Its snug fit may not work with all ears as my daughter could never find the right placement that would work even though the earbuds slipped in perfectly for yours truly. Also, connecting the earbuds to a device takes a little bit more patience than most of the other earbuds I have worked with but once locked in the audio experience more than makes up for it.

Sure the clamor over Apple’s AirPods has created quite a stir but that shouldn’t leave everyone out there desperate to get a hold of them. There are many other quality alternatives out there that can provide just as good an experience or possibly even better. And with the EarFun Free Truly Wireless Earbuds that certainly is the case, and it can do it a much more affordable price point.




(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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