Pop Culture Cosmos Best of PEPCOM and CES2020!

Every year in early January,  the team at Pop Culture Cosmos gets the unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at what’s trending now and in the future for consumer electronics at events such as PEPCOM and CES2020 in Las Vegas. PEPCOM Las Vegas, a one-night press-only event featuring a collected gathering of approximately 100 exhibitors is a more intimate showcase allowing for multiple one-on-one interviews within a short period of time. PEPCOM serves as one of the precursors for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) itself, which is the largest convention annually for those wishing to display or view the latest consumer technology from venues in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center. After dozens of interviews, and exploring through a countless number of booths both large and small, the items that caught our eye the longest had us yearning to expound on their virtues…

Best of PEPCOM

Celestron telescope
Celestron telescope with the all-new cell phone attachment (Gerald Glassford)

Celestron Telescopes- Now mind you telescopes are certainly not a novel idea. But when you add the functionality of attaching a smartphone,  it opens up a virtual galaxy of possibilities. With Celestron adding smartphone technology to some of their latest telescopes, the possibility of a whole new audience who were either intimidated or never interested before in operating one now becomes much more attractive. We have become a society so dependent on their mobile devices for everything, why not provide a use that will broaden the horizons for those individuals, young and old, who now approach this long-standing technology with a fresh and familiar device they have come to know so well. Just a simple app download and voila! You have now broken a barrier for many to now get into a telescope hobby.

Best of CES2020

Pop Sockets Charger
The brand new PopSockets PopPower Home Charger (Gerald Glassford)

PopSockets PopPower Home Charger- PopSockets have seemingly found creative ways to connect with a massive worldwide audience since their arrival upon the retail scene. Their designs and practicality have gained a following not many other cellular accessory makers can match. As PopSockets have become a mainstay of the marketplace, the company has sought out new ways to ensure that their brand grows and expands even further. One of their latest creations, the PopPower Home Charger has garnered immediate acclaim and awards and it’s easy to see why. At $60 the unit is a high powered wireless charger that one-ups the competition in one unique aspect, it solves the question about how to regain your battery life with a pop socket on without having to plug in a mini USB. The PopPower has a dedicated space that fits a phone with an attached PopSocket, thereby freeing up any excuses for those apprehensive of diving into this particular cell phone design craze.

Ace Computer Multipin Pinball
The Multipin Arcade Pinball Machine from Ace Computers (Gerald Glassford)

Ace Computers Ace Gaming Multipin Arcade Pinball- Pinball machines, both real and virtual, were all the rage at this year’s CES. And after interviewing many of the companies there interested in getting the high score in this marketplace, one variation stood out among all the rest. That’s because the Ace Computers Ace Gaming Multipin Pinball Machine is a full life-sized complete pinball machine that includes all the standard buttons bells and whistles but also comes with two sets of controllers and buttons that sit up on top of the unit. With its open-source (read: MAME) capability, the Multipin can possibly access 1,000s of games, both in a pinball or video game format. This allows a full experience with friends and/or family to challenge them to a game of Street Fighter or changing it up to a T2: Terminator pinball matchup. The possibilities here seemingly could be endless and a great time for those looking to fully recreate the arcade experience all in one unit.

Thanks again to all the companies we met at PEPCOM and CES2020. If you want to check out all of our interviews at both events, listen in to our two weekly shows, The Pop Culture Cosmos Show and The PCC Multiverse for the month of January. You can find them on the Pop Culture Cosmos channel today on Podbean , Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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