Pop Culture Cosmos #166- Can An R-Rated Movie Reach A Billion, Is There A Need For Another Ant-Man, And Should The Terminator Series Finally Say Hasta La Vista Baby?


On our latest episode with Josh and Gerald, the guys talk about the failure of Terminator: Dark Fate at the box office and whether or not this should be the end of the franchise. They also decide if various once-popular film series could find new life on a streaming platform instead. Also on the plate or this show, with director Peyton Reed back in the saddle, Ant-Man 3 looks to be on the way. But is it needed? The Joker is now the most popular R-rated film of all-time and over $900 million worldwide. Can it reach a billion dollars? Even if it doesn’t could another R-rated movie reach that plateau? All-this and Josh have some thoughts on the video game Children of Morta, what both hosts are hoping will go on sale on Black Friday and what are their top 10 movies of all-time?
We’re also looking for your top 10 movies of all-time all this month so send them to us at popculturecosmos@yahoo.com or Pop Culture Cosmos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
Presented by Rob McCallum Films, the novel Congratulations, You Suck (available for purchase HERE), and Retro City Games!

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