Pop Culture Cosmos #163- The Joker Remains The King, Jay and Silent Bob Rebooted, and Could A-Force Be On The Way?


The Joker repeats at the box office as we discuss the effect this and other controversial films have on our current culture. With Jay and Bob Silent Reboot coming out this week, will raunchy comedy styles of the past have the same popularity as they once did? There’s a movement behind the scenes for an all-female Avengers movie, will this version of an A-Force connect with audiences? Plus we count down #41-50 in our top 200 video games of all-time, settle the debate between who has the better commercials, GEICO or Farmer’s, and Jason Todd Fineburgh of Hunnicween is back to give us a review of the latest rendition of The Addams Family. All this and more on another great episode of the Pop Culture Cosmos!
Questions for us? You can e-mail us at popculturecosmos@yahoo.com or Pop Culture Cosmos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Presented by Rob McCallum Films, the novel Congratulations, You Suck (available for purchase HERE), and Retro City Games!

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