Pop Culture Cosmos #162- The Best of New York Comic-Con, GEICO vs. Farmer’s, and The Joker Reviewed-Spoiled and Unspoiled!


We’re back for another great episode of the Pop Culture Cosmos with Josh and Gerald talking the record success for The Joker. Gerald reviews the movie (NO SPOILERS) in the first half of the show then Jason Todd Fineburgh from Hunnicween has some of his spoiler-filled thoughts on the film from the 31:00 to 45:00 minute mark (Stay tuned to the Pop Culture Cosmos channel for his in-depth review later this week). The guys also weigh in on the biggest trailers from the New York Comic-Con and what the latest offerings from Star Trek, The Walking Dead, and Snowpiercer might bring us. Plus we also have thoughts on which commercials are better GEICO’s or Farmer’s Insurance and our picks from the group of FI ads. All this and we continue the top 200 video games of all-time countdown with #s 61-70 and Jamie Monroy from Game Source reviews Sniper Elite 3 on the Nintendo Switch and has some pointed thoughts on the debut of AEW Dynamite. Don’t forget to vote for us today in the Best Movies & TV podcast category in the 2019 Discover Pods Awards (which you can do HERE) and if you do we thank you so much for doing so.
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