The Top 200 Video Games of All-Time: #111-120

We’re listing out even more influential titles as we continue our list of the top 200 video games of all-time (as voted upon by our followers)…

120) Splatterhouse
Taking liberally from the Friday the 13th and many other horror movie staples, Splatterhouse is a heavy dose of hack n’ slash with a dash of Double Dragon beat em’ up fun mixed in. Albeit the game might not be considered at the next family game night at your local PTA (along with Mortal Kombat of course), it did spawn successive sequels that help propel the series success into the 1990s. Just don’t ask us to explain the plot of the game, because like many horror movies it’s not why you’re there in the first place.
119) Silent Hill 2
Running just ahead of its stalwart predecessor, Silent Hill 2 further expounded into the series’ mythos and strong foundations. Increasing the suspense this time around with an improved soundtrack and an increased focus on mystery and intrigue, the puzzles essential to being solved were deeper than any seen in a horror survival game of its kind until Resident Evil 4upped the ante even further four years later.
118) Shining Force 2
The Sega Genesis is still one of the most beloved consoles ever to grace the marketplace. One of the reasons for this adoration comes from Sega’s willingness to promote games that were a little “outside the box” and that didn’t always meet treat traditional game standards. Sure the system had fighters, shooters, platformers and sports games but Shining Force 2 and its tactical RPG style gameplay proved to be a critical hit and sales success in Japan while being a mainstay in the Genesis game library.
117) Puyo Puyo
So how does a game originally released on the somewhat forgotten MSX2 line of computers get a spot in the top 200? By being a cute Tetris clone that proves to be just as challenging, addicting and fun as its better-known puzzle competitor. Puyo Puyo proved to be a hit on many diverse gaming platforms throughout the 1990s and even can be found as merged product iteration that has been reimagined for a new gaming generation appropriately titled Puyo Puyo Tetris and available on all major gaming platforms today.
116) Perfect Dark
One of the most critically acclaimed shooters of its era, Perfect Dark amazed players with an enriching story and intense action in a genre already infiltrated with many options. Rare’s line of success in the ’90s continued into the new century with this stellar FPS as Joanna Dark’s quest to stop dataDyne captured the imagination of gamers in this spiritual follow-up to Goldeneye 007. Unfortunately a successor to the game, Perfect Dark Zero was a commercial and critical flop that hindered the early progress of the Xbox 360 and helped push Rare and the series itself into relative obscurity soon after. Will we see a revival again at some point of the Perfect Dark series? A definite possibility seeing as how the original still fares so well with gamers.
115) Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee has endured with fans for so long due to its charm, engrossing story and approachable gameplay. Yes, it’s a platformer but one that dances to a beat of a decidedly different tune. The quest to free as many fellow Mudokon slaves as he can take Abe on a harrowing journey with many puzzles, obstacles, and dangers to navigate through, much of which still holds up well even today. With cinematics that chronicled the journey through a strange and fascinating world very different from ours, this is truly an odd world indeed.
114) Monster Party
Who knew a journey into the Dark World would have such a lasting effect with gamers? But that’s exactly what happened as this NES classic featuring a baseball bat-wielding boy named Mark venturing through the creepy underserved has continually been talked about as a beloved title within the retro community. Is it the monsters from traditional or Japenese lore in the game that Mark is constantly up against, the content that was mysteriously kept in the game that got by the family-conscious Nintendo or the secrets left out that has given the game a life of its own. No one knows for sure but if one has played Monster Party they’ll probably tell you it was a scary good time.
113) Metroid Prime
Not the first but what may be the best in the Metroid library, Prime was the first iteration in the series to utilize 3D graphics and in doing so took the series to a whole new level. This brought a whole new perspective to the FPS genre as Nintendo now had a shooter which could favorably compare with any others in that era. The challenges that face Samus as she battles against the Parasite Queen in this realm of space pirates are always fun, interesting and frantic and reaffirm why Metroid Prime is one of the highest-rated games ever made for the Game Cube console.
112) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Being one of the greatest video game developers of all time, Hideo Kojima has seemingly an endless list of titles to choose from that show off his brilliance when it comes to creating that next great console experience. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is no exception to this as the Playstation 2 classic garnered numerous awards and a reputation for being one of the best ever released on the system. The cold war setting only adds to the action as the further adventures of Snake has the stealth and action going at a level as well as virtually any other time in this storied franchise.
111) Mario Party
With an amazing array of 50 minigames, Mario Party cemented itself as a standout on the Nintendo 64 and the foundation for what would become a series that has spanned over a dozen more iterations across every Nintendo platform since (with a Nintendo Switch title Super Mario Party coming this October). Whether the contestants (up to 4) are racing, balancing, bowling or any of the other crazy things this game demands, the quest to get the most stars always keeps this game, and the series for that matter, a rousing good time. If you don’t believe us just ask our friends at Mario Party Wars, who have embodied the spirit of these games throughout their own awesome gaming adventures.
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