The Top 200 Video Games of All-Time: #121-130

As we get closer to the top 100 in our list of the best video games of all-time (as selected by our followers), we take a look at the 120s which features many interesting titles…

130) Mega Man X
Considered by many to be the pinnacle of the Mega Man series, Mega Man X features relentless action that’s both approachable and a great access point for those still wanting to get into the series. If the SNES or other older iterations do not seem enticing enough a Mega Man X Legacy Edition will hit across all major consoles in late July 2018 giving those wanting to experience this classic in HD the opportunity to do just that.
129) Marvel vs. Capcom (Clash of Super-Heroes)
Deviating from previous Capcom-Marvel fighter crossovers, Marvel vs. Capcom was the first to include characters who were not in the Street Fighter universe. Now you could have match-ups with your favorite X-Men or Avengeragainst a beloved Capcom character such as Mega ManStrider, and even Arthur from Ghost n’ Goblins. The game found great success on the Sega Dreamcast, solidifying it along with future releases as one of the best consoles for fighting games even with its short lifespan.
128) Half-Life 2 Episode 2
Prayers have been made, petitions have been signed and many others have been holding out hope beyond all hope that Valve will ever come around with an Episode 3 of this epic series. The reason why is because of Half-Life 2 Episode 2‘s epic first-person gameplay and science fiction storytelling. Following the adventure of Dr. Gordon Freeman never gets old in one of the most beloved and critically hailed games of its era.
127) Donkey Kong
The classic arcade game that turned Mario, Princess Peach and Kong into stars in this arcade hall of fame entry that combines skill, dexterity, and timing in what proved to be a game that easily translated its brilliance to many console iterations as well. Now an established cornerstone of the Nintendo brand if anyone wants to ever understand the importance Donkey Kong has with the video game industry check out the movie King of Kong and get back to us then.
126) Devil May Cry
As an interweaving tale of bloodlust, vengeance and betrayal, Devil May Cryas a story shifts between our world and a demonic one, Dante’s battles against demons, monsters and the forces of evil sets the stage for a much-beloved video game that has entranced gamers since this 2001 spectacle which has spawned three more iterations since (with another on the way). It’s hack n’ slash fighting and strong narrative compels the player forward with a seemingly relentless onslaught of demons in the way…not to mention his love/hate relationship with Trish as well.
125) Dangaronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
One of the most underrated and under the radar series to come out this decade, Dangaronpa has garnered an ardent and strongly supportive fan base while limited is still extremely vocal about their love for this Japanese mystery game. With Dangaronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, somewhere in Hope’s Peak Academy, a killer is loose murdering fellow classmates and it is up to Makoto Naegi to find out who it is before it’s too late. The game alternates lifestyles between a regular student at school and an investigative sleuth determined to find the killer which makes for a great time for those looking to delve into a world of mystery, murder and a different form of higher education.
124) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
A highly-regarded game on the Nintendo DS, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow continues the vaunted Castlevania franchise by providing a quality blend of role-playing and platforming elements while still embracing much of what has made the series so beloved by gamers. The game received high scores from critics upon its initial release with many noting the “Magic Seal” system is one of the most unique and creative uses for the DS stylus.
123) Banjo Kazooie
When it comes to why Rare Studios is so well thought of in the gaming industry, one just has to look at their peak in the history of the 1990s to understand why the development team was so renown for its time. Classics such as Perfect DarkGoldeneye N64Battletoads, and Killer Instinct are just a few of the games that helped launch this company to its great 90’s success. What must be included on this stellar list is this great adventure Banjo Kazooie where platforming, puzzle-solving, and quick reflexes help navigate Banjo through a variety of fun obstacles and amusing levels that made the game not only a great game but a key component to the success of the Nintendo 64 as a third-party entry.
122) Twisted Metal
Presenting vehicular combat at its finest, Twisted Metal proved to be a big hit early on in the original Playstation era. With its chaotic gameplay as you navigate through a barrage of armored opponents, the weapons options and pickups kept the game interesting and fun for many gamers in the mid-’90s. This set the stage for a series of Twisted Metal games which popularized the system for the rest of the decade and early on with its successor the Playstation 2.
121) Super Smash Bros (Wii U/3DS)
One of the highest-rated games on the much-beloved 3DS and the ill-fated WiiU, Super Smash Bros proved to be one of the few success stories on the system and a game still thought of highly on the competitive tourney market even today. Boasting a huge roster of almost sixty characters, the fun and frantic gameplay proved to be a hit not only on the now-dead WiiU but an even bigger hit on a previously unapproached platform in the 3DS where mobile fighting was taken to a whole new level.
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