Lucidsound LS41 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones Review- Wireless Freedom? Not Entirely…

With an array of headphones seemingly everywhere at virtually almost any price, it seems like a difficult task to weed out the contenders from the pretenders in the gaming home audio marketplace. For a long time, streamers and gaming competitors alike have yearned for the perfect balance between freedom of movement, crystal-clear communication, and a superior audial experience. With the stakes getting higher and higher in this ultimate chess match for your dollars (and your ears), Lucidsound attempts to stake its claim with one of their latest entries, the LS41 Surround Sound Wireless Headphones (Lucidsound, MSRP $199.99 which you can buy HERE) which delves into the foray with a bevy of options and features at a not too insurmountable price point.

The LS41’s provide the wearer with a 7.1 DTS experience while utilizing wireless technology on many of the platforms it is connected to (via a USB dongle) which, depending on what the user is playing on, comes as an inviting degree of comfort for those using it wirelessly for a PC, Nintendo Switch (when docked) and Playstation 4.  The separation of sound in our various tests in both stereo and surround formats had the LS41’s holding up well to whatever music, video or game that was thrown up against it. Along with the added digital and connection cables (for platforms that the LS41 cannot be wireless on) is an included detachable microphone that adjusts in flexibility to the vocal needs of the gamer, streamer and yes even podcaster as well.

Of course, the big-ticket for this unit is the sound and the Lucidsound LS41 delivers with its 50mm drivers delivering a smooth-sounding 7.1 DTS ambiance that ranks with us as one of the better units we have tried. Part of the reason for the very positive experience in soundd quality comes with its solid construction because the unit itself is housed within a sturdy yet lightweight frame with pleasantly soft ear cushions that don’t tax the ears/head as many others in its class have a tendency to do.

While these headphones deliver in sound quality it has drawbacks which keep the LS41 from achieving that highest echelon in the marketplace. A supplied 3.5 mm cable is required to interact with others via chat (for Xbox One) or to use at all for mobile (read: Nintendo Switch) users essentially taking away the wireless capability and rendering it to a somewhat different experience. The provided detachable microphone is serviceable enough for chat, but for those thinking about streaming and podcasting, it gives off a slightly muffled and hollow (as noted to me) sound that doesn’t project audibly as well as some of the comparable headsets within its general price range.

With the onslaught of quality headphones that have been brought on by the rise in interest into video games, e-sports, streaming and podcasting it’s no wonder that people can get overwhelmed with the numerous choices out there. But with its excellent sound quality, these headphones can be a quality auditory tool when used in conjunction with one’s video game library. Our time spent with the Lucidsound LS41 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones proved that while it’s not the optimal choice for gamers seeking a wireless Xbox One opportunity or advancing their podcasting/streaming platforms, it is without hesitation a very solid recommendation for those looking to pursue an immersive, beautifully-sounding casual gaming lifestyle whether it be through a single or multiplayer experience.


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