Sennheiser GSP 600 Gaming Headset Review: Rock Solid Performance…

The gaming marketplace is now inundated with a ton of different choices out there for headphone gear. What was once a barren marketplace carrying only flimsy plastic headpieces that would break only after a few uses is now littered with choices from the very small and compact to the much larger heavy-duty options pawned off at seemingly every turn by gaming celebrities and sports stars looking to get a piece of the action. The new found love from the corporate world over everything E-Sports has translated into direct marketing with the hardcore gamer in mind.
With that said there are many entries flooding the market that seemingly are trying to take hold including brands like Hyper X, Steel Series, Astro, Audio-Technica, and Logitech among others all looking to get a piece of that E-Sports pie. Sennheiser has also provided a few options, and after a successful tour with the GSP 550 (which you can find my thoughts on it here), I was given the opportunity to check out the GSP 600 Gaming Headphones (Sennheiser, MSRP $249.99 available at Amazon and more fine retailers) and share thoughts on whether this not only matches up to its numeric predecessor but if it stands to be a true competitor for your dollar when it comes to purchasing that next gaming headset.
Designed specifically for the video game enthusiast, the GSP 600 has an enclosed design that does a great job of canceling out a great deal of ambient noise which certainly will aid those looking to shut the world out as they focus in on trying to reach their goals in the competitive gaming world. Now while it does not have the spatial sound experience of its similarly priced GSP 550 and its immersive 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, the 600 series carries enough of its own weight as an auditory device with a deep, bass-heavy stereo feel that provides a quality alternative even if it cannot hit the glorified highs of its next of kin.
These Sennheiser headphones are packed within a sturdy metallic hinged frame with an easily adjustable cushioned headband that provides comfort, strength, and durability that in my time with the unit held up just fine to any drops, adjustments or rage quit slams against my desk. The GSP 600 also differentiates itself from the 550 series in its versatility in that it can be used on a larger amount of platforms (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and iMac), a noise-canceling microphone that sounds and clarifies even better than what is offered on the very solid 550 and Audio Technica ATH-ADG1x. And like other Sennheiser headsets, it has a convenient and adjustable volume dial on the outside ear cup that makes for easier access than trying to reach for a dongle that can easily get lost amongst a sea of console or pc gaming cords.
The solid construction that supports the Sennheiser 600 also, unfortunately, gives it one if its few causes for concern. It’s sheer weight while helping to provide the closed-off environment desired for an enclosed gaming-focused environment can cause it to feel a bit heavy after extended usage. There is only one other area of note with the GSP 600 and that ultimately is its price tag. With its $249.99 MSRP gamers might steer towards the 550 that is similarly priced because they are looking for that headset with all the bells and whistles attached to it. While bells and whistles (and 7.1 surround sound) are great, do not underestimate what the GSP 600’s have to offer, especially if you want to focus on a more serious side of the gaming profession as opposed to a unit more designed for entertainment value.
Sennheiser has gone out of its way again to provide consumers an interesting choice when they go shopping for their next gaming headset, While many may veer into the direction of the GSP 550 because of its auditory enhancements, those who want a competitive edge will purchase the Sennheiser GSP 600 gaming headset due to its solid all-around structure and its commitment to providing that budding E-Sports enthusiast with an experience that will help them focus on taking their gaming performance to the next level.
(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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