Pop Culture Cosmos #138- Even More Marvel Memories, Avengers Endgame Anticipation and Is The Conjuring Universe Too Big For the Curse of La Llorona?


Avengers Endgame drops this week and we talk the anticipation for the film along with more memories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our friends Hass of Voice From The Underground-the Podcast, Salvador from Mario Party Wars, Ben Arnot from Smoking Hot Confessions, and Jamie and Tony Monroy from Game Source share their favorite Marvel moments and how it relates to Marvel’s latest blockbuster. Plus now that we know The Curse of La Llorona is tied into the Conjuring universe, do we think it’s starting to dilute the timeline of movies that are involved with horror’s hottest franchise?

Presented by Vitabrace from Miracle Fruit Oil ( listen in for a $10 off code then go to tinyurl.com/y9vnoxtn ), Rob McCallum Films, The ESO Network Patreon, and Retro City Games!

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