Pop Culture Cosmos #134- Us Scares Up The Box Office, Disney Now Gets To Play With Fox IP’s and The Dark Tower Rises Again!


Us scored big this weekend and we share our thoughts on why Jordan Peele’s latest horror film connected with audiences. The Dark Tower is still alive even after the film debacle as we debate if there still will be enough interest as it heads to Amazon Prime plus with the Disney-Fox merger complete the conversation now turns to which Fox properties are worth going through now, which need to be re-evaluated and what IP’s need to be put into cold storage. Speaking of Fox are you ready to head back to Nakatomi Plaza with a DIehard board game and another great video game cover from Vetivs.

Presented by Vitabrace from Miracle Fruit Oil ( listen in for a $10 off code then go to tinyurl.com/y9vnoxtn ), Rob McCallum Films with Kittie Origins/Evolutions, The 42Cast from The ESO Network, and Retro City Games!

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