Pop Culture Cosmos #129- Anthem and the Future of Bioware, Wrapping Up CES 2019 and Can We Change Our Mind On AntiHeroes?


On our latest Pop Culture Cosmos, we talk the future prospects for Anthem and what this game releasing this week will do for EA and Bioware. Plus Rob McCallum stops by in the Cosmic Crossfire to share his thoughts about the realities of the Disney Fox merger plus we complete our time at CES 2019 by airing interviews with Blue Microphones, Cavalier Audio, THX, Snackbot from Pepsi and Phonesoap plus Gerald does a U-Turn on antiheroes (for now) with the early returns on Deadly Class, Doom Patrol, and The Umbrella Academy.

Presented by Vitabrace from Miracle Fruit Oil ( listen in for a $10 off code then go to tinyurl.com/y9vnoxtn ), Rob McCallum Films, The Flopcast on The ESO Network, and Retro City Games!

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