PCC Multiverse #107- Alita Battle Angel Lands In Theaters, NASCAR 2019 Preview, 50 Years of Sesame Street and Are There Too Many Anti-Heroes?


On this week’s PCC multiverse, what does the future hold for Alita: Battle Angel at the box office, did the latest Nintendo Direct peak our interest with a new Zelda remaster, Mario Maker 2 and more coming to the Switch. We celebrate 50 years of Sesame Street with Rob McCallum and examine how it retains its charm, plus Marcus De La Garza previews the 2019 Monster Cup NASCAR Season and Daytona 500 and with The Umbrella Academy, Watchmen remake, Suicide Squad 2 and Doom Patrol on the way have we had enough of Anti-Heroes?

Presented by Vitabrace from Miracle Fruit Oil ( listen in for a $10 off code then go to tinyurl.com/y9vnoxtn ), Rob McCallum Films, and Retro City Games!

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