1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review: Get Ready to Rock!

In the time spent covering consumer electronics, this reviewer has had the appreciated opportunity to weigh in on headphones and earphones, both corded and cordless. with the goal of providing a unique perspective on what may sound good to your ears and feel good to your pocketbook. In doing so, I have developed a unique affinity for wireless units because of the freedom that they allow me, whether at home or on the go, to listen to my favorite songs, shows and podcasts anytime at my convenience with the added convenience of Bluetooth technology. One such piece that has come across my desk is the iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones (1MORE, MSRP $59.99 available at Amazon.com or on their home website HERE) that upon further testing was found to be a great value within the confines of the exercise accessory marketplace.


The iBFree Sport is a lightweight (0.8 ounces) set of earphones with the now familiar connected design that although remaining cordless via Bluetooth connection still needs to be draped behind your head. The IPX 4 water-resistant cord, charging and volume controls rest below and behind the ear and neck while in use. Now while this can become a minor annoyance at times, the iBFree Sport and others like it are a cost-effective alternative to the Bluetooth devices that seat separately in the ears themselves without any connected apparatus which are truly cord-free but carry a much larger price tag. For most people (yours truly included) this is an acceptable alternative as the iBFree Sport’s rich, distinctive sound emanating from its dual-layer driver design (with engineering input from Grammy Award Winner Luca Bignardi) creates an auditory experience very similar to those earpieces costing a couple hundred dollars more.

With an audible reminder of connectivity and battery status, the iBFree Sport attaches itself quickly to any compatible device utilizing its Bluetooth® 4.1 with aptX® Coding technology. The provided ear grips shaped to fit within the ear canal help for a more secure and comfortable fit that resists sliding and popping out which can happen frequently with other models that are placed within the ear itself. Our tests on battery life had us running through several podcasts and songs well into the seven-hour mark without recharging from the provided USB connection establishing the unit on the higher end when competing against similar devices.  The only real drawback we got was trying to utilize the earphones to transmit and receive phone calls as the first five opportunities experienced were met with severe static and distortion issues when the phone was in use making the calls inaudible. Once the phone was not in use it quickly reverted back to normal operation without even a hint of a problem happening just prior. It was only on the last two occasions before this review was written that the iBFree Sport was able to right itself and work without issue for incoming and outgoing calls.

As many look for auditory alternatives for their work, study or exercise habits that are both cost-effective and performance-ready, a great place to start would be right here with what this set of headphones have to offer. At under sixty dollars, the iBFree Sport’s price tag will have many interested in hearing more about how they can get their hands on these quality headphones. But it’s the value driven options and sound that will have consumers spreading the word of just how good the 1More iBFree Sport can be for all of their wireless listening needs.


(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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