PCC Presents- The Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast Season Two Episode Six


On this week’s Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast, Chris Lardieri of Inside Sports joins us to break down the action in Week 4 and get fantasy football owners ideas for week five. We talk how the Fitzmagic has ended so quickly in Tampa Bay, the legend of Trubisky has begun in Chicago, what football team do people really want to see in LA plus thoughts on the Saints, Patriots, Titans, Eagles, Browns, Raiders and more tips and waiver wire pickups to help your team to victory! Plus is it time for Eli Manning to join his brother in all those commercials? Don’t worry it’s not just another podcast as you join Chris, Tyler Baker and Gerald Glassford on our latest Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast!

Presented by Presented by Vitabrace from Miracle Fruit Oil (listen in for a $10 discount code to buy today at tinyurl.com/y9vvogyr ), WheelyQ Barbecue Sauces & Rubs (Listen in for a 15% discount) and the Pop Culture Cosmos and PCC Multiverse!

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