PCC presents- Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast Season Two Episode One


The Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast is back with Tyler Baker and Gerald Glassford giving you the latest last minute info you need with the preseason winding down and a new NFL season almost upon us. Check out their thoughts on what you might need to look out for before you get involved with a last minute draft. Preparation advice to help you build a winning team and preseason notes to catch up on. All this and some advice for those investing in money leagues or for those just looking to delve into fantasy football for the first time. And we debate on the length of the preseason and if needs to change. All this and more as another great season of the Fantasy Football Paydirt podcast begins!

Presented by Wheely Q BBQ Sauces and Rubs (Listen in for a 15% discount), Pop Culture Cosmos and the PCC Multiverse!

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