PCC Multiverse #80- MoviePass drama, Slender Man Contorversy and can Politics really stay out of Pop Culture Journalism in 2018?


The return of the Escapist has us talking about the reality of avoiding politics in reporting pop culture in today’s social media world. The never-ending saga of MoviePass continues, was Slender Man coming to the big screen a good idea, RB choices for your fantasy football draft and what are the Oscars thinking when it comes to adding a Popular Film category? All this and more as Chris Doelle from Fresh Media Works, Jason Todd FineBurgh from HunnicWeen and Tyler Baker from the Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast join us!

Presented by WheelyQ BBQ Sauces and Rubs (Listen in for a 15% off discount code) Rob McCallum Films, Retro City Games and FX Unit Yuki aka Henshin Engine!

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