PCC Presents- The Cosmic Crossfire


On our latest full episode of the Cosmic Crossfire dedicated to the memory of “Canada’s top game collector” Syd Bolton, Rob McCallum and Gerald Glassford cover John Lassiter’s impending exit from Pixar and if his legacy has tarnished the movie brand’s library now and for years to come. We also delve into the world of fandom toxicity going overboard on social media and if it’s time to say enough is enough, the shakeup at the top for DC Films and what this will do for the comic book film universe and reflect on the life and work of Anthony Bourdain and the great work he leaves behind,

Presented by WheelyQ Barbecue Sauces & Rubs (listen for a 15% discount code) Retro City Games, Rob McCallum Films and Pop Culture Cosmos!

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