Network Episode 8 from the TV Ratings Guide!


Network 1×08

“Something Bad, Part 2”

By: Jessica Boggs

Previously on Network, Charlie was introduced. She attempts to break up a nude protest with Mean Girls producers. On this week’s episode, there will be another explosive event. Let’s get to the action, folks!

KASEY (excited): Hey girl! You look great!
LEAH: Thanks. Let’s hit the road.

LEAH: I guess it’s going to be another day at the office.
KASEY: Especially with what happened yesterday. But for now, let’s focus on today. Maybe afterwards, we can go out on the town.

Leah and Kasey enter the office, with a sigh of relief.

LEAH (gestures): Thanks for the ride. I really appreciate this.
KASEY (with a smile): No problem, girl.

Ash suddenly enters the office.

ASH: Ladies! Mind if I interrupt?

Kasey stands awkwardly in a trance. Enter a fresh faced executive named Matt, who gets excited but reserved.

ASH: Ladies, this is Matt. He’s new to the network. Say hi to Matt, ladies!

LEAH: Hello Matt. Welcome aboard.
MATT (with a smile): Hello ladies. Glad to join the team.

Leah blushes.

ASH: I guess it’s time for us to get back to the office. Come on Matt, I’ll show you around the rest of the network.

Idly happy, Ash and Matt exit.

KASEY: What’s the matter, Leah? You are blushing.
LEAH: He’s kinda cute, though.

Leah then blushed awkwardly in a flash.

LEAH: However…
KASEY (startled): What is it?
LEAH (timidly with a sigh): Matt’s not even my type. I’m dating Ash.
KASEY (awkwardly): Wow. Awkward…
LEAH (shrug): Yeah. Awkward.
KASEY: Don’t tell me that you are still hung up over the breakup.

Leah breaks down and sobs uncontrollably, but in a rage.

LEAH (enraged): Hung up? Hung up?!? We were together for five years. FIVE YEARS!
KASEY: I know this is hard for you, but…
LEAH: But, what? Of course it’s hard for me! I’m even more angry at him. Especially when he’s with his new girlfriend.
KASEY: You mean Holly?
LEAH: Yep. He can’t even keep it in his pants long enough to possibly get her pregnant.
KASEY: Leah! That’s not a nice thing to say.
LEAH: It’s the truth though.
KASEY (sadly): But I do agree. Their relationship moved way too fast.
LEAH: Why did he have to trade the many years of love and respect for a week of passion and lust?
KASEY (in reassurance): Leah, for Jesse to do that to you was a low blow. You deserve someone who will give you the world.
LEAH (doubtful): The problem is, I don’t know what I want, or who I’m looking for.
KASEY: Which is why you need to talk to Ash. Meet him at his office sometime and explain things.
LEAH: That’s exactly what I’ll do! Thanks Kasey!
KASEY: You’re welcome, I guess.

In a sudden change of pace, Charlie is back. Leah drives and Charlie is in shotgun. Kasey is in the back seat.
KASEY (in nervous anticipation): Where are we going?
CHARLIE/LEAH: Jesse’s house.
KASEY: Don’t tell me we’re going into another catfight.
CHARLIE: Nonsense. We’re giving this girl a piece of her mind.
KASEY: This is not going to work. You know it is not going to end well as far as Jesse is concerned.


The girls all exit the car. Charlie grabs a baseball bat and a pack of Marlboros.

KASEY: What are you doing?
CHARLIE: Well, this feisty vigilante is going to take down this chickadee.
LEAH: Now, now, we must not resort to violence.

All of a sudden, Holly screams from near the window.

HOLLY: What the hell is that? Who is there?

Holly then rushes out the door and enters the scene.

CHARLIE (with a snarky grin): Well, well. It’s the skank of the evening.
HOLLY: Who are you calling a skank?
CHARLIE (laughs): That would be you. Stripping for money and doing the nasty with effeminate men. I heard you got it on with the most indecisive punk on the planet.
LEAH (with a stern look): That is enough, Charlotte. No need to go Smoo-ing around.

Leah then turns to Holly.

LEAH: Look girl, I’m this close to getting to the bottom of this.
HOLLY: So? Just because I had sex with your ex-boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to come barging on in here looking for a fight via baseball bat. Now what are you doing here for?
CHARLIE: What are you waiting for?
LEAH: Charlotte, drop the baseball bat.
CHARLIE: Hell to the no. We’re giving her a piece of her mind.
LEAH: And have an assault charge on your record?
CHARLIE: Better than putting sandpaper in the punk’s toilet seat.
LEAH: That’s even worse. You’ll have a restraining order added to the record.
CHARLIE (surprised): Okay, um…
LEAH: Drop the baseball bat now!

Charlie drops the baseball bat timidly. Catfight averted. Leah then turns to Holly.

LEAH: I came to apologize.
HOLLY: No need to. Apology accepted. Now, this better be the last time a fight happens.

That ended better than expected. Stay tuned for next week of Network.

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