Soft-Tones Pillow Speaker Review: Sweet Dreams…

Between work, home life and everything in between the crazy life we lead can take us in all sorts of directions at a continued high speed throughout the day. For many of us, bringing everything down after another action-packed day can be difficult and so we look for anything to help us relax. One of those outlets commonly used when we do is listening to some music, either through an external output source (like say an alarm clock) or maybe just some good old-fashioned earbuds will suffice. But consider this, while these have their own usefulness in helping those achieve “slumber land” leaving headphones or buds on may not give your ears the rest they also deserve and an audio device playing some tunes (or a podcast perhaps) may prevent that other person in the bed from achieving their own good night sleep.

So what to do for an alternative that can help relax the mind and keep the ears (and loved ones) comfortable as well? The answer for many may lie with the Soft-Tones Pillow Speaker (Resperate Inc., MSRP $69.95 available for a limited time on sale at $49.95 at that can provide an option for those looking to count some sheep without waking up those resting right next to them. Utilizing a stereo speaker system array contained within a relatively thinly designed memory foam support, the Soft-Tones device lays on top of the pillow and when resting upon it can provide the user with a listening choice that can connect to audio devices via a 3.5 mm jack.

When connected, the Soft-Tones provides a soft but soothing stereo experience if listening to music and a clear and discernible auditory response if a podcast, audio book or verbal communique is being sent through instead. Working as advertised it does provide a clear enough sound that can be heard exclusively (at the right volume setting) by the listener and still not disturb those trying to sleep right next to them. The fabric used to encase the speakers is hypoallergenic and machine washable (directions provided helped keep the shape and softness of the cover itself) and it folds nicely into a travel case that can be easily contained within a suitcase or bag and not take up too much space.

The Soft-Tones Pillow Speaker and Travel Case. (Resperate Inc.)

The only small quibbles are that the cord connecting the speaker to the device even though it is long (5 feet) it still manages to get in the way on occasion if not careful and a disconnection may occur. Many would opt for a Bluetooth option even if it costs more especially due to the fact that far less mobile devices are carrying an earphone/aux jack option as newer iterations get introduced to the marketplace. Also for larger heads the cover between the speakers narrows and will take more adjustment by those with a broader or larger head and neck area to find that sweet spot for total relaxation.

Minor points of contention aside the Soft-Tones Pillow Speaker is a great way to avoid the fatigue earbuds or over the ear headphones can give from extended use while still not disturbing those that around them. For those looking for it provides a soothing way to fall asleep in bed, relax on the couch or just hang out by the pool and listen to some of the latest music or podcasts (Pop Culture Cosmos perhaps…hint, hint).  Whether purchased as an upcoming holiday gift or as a travel necessity the Soft-Tones Pillow Speaker is definitely one great device that can help (eyes blinking)… get you (eyes closing)…some…zzzzzzzzzzz.


(Please note that for this review, Pop Culture Cosmos/Game Source did receive a review code/model/sample from the company/developer/public relations firm responsible for distribution to the press.)

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