What About This (Podcast)

Have you ever been curious about something, but you were afraid to bring it up because people might think you’re weird? Well, on the What About This Podcast, we are four friends who like to ask weird questions and have discussions about all kinds of topics. We’ll literally talk about anything. Join us as we answer life’s greatest mysteries and maybe a few questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask. Check out our podcast on Podbean, podcasts.com, iTunes, Google Play, Overcast FM, Pocketcast, YouTube, Facebook and more!

Episode 1 – Objective Beauty

Episode 2 – Social Media (Why Do We Post What We Post?)

Episode 3 – Beatles or Die (Who Was More Influential, The Beatles or Nirvana?)

Episode 4 – The Controversy (Or Calling) Of Short Term Missions Trips

Episode 5 – Suicide Is Not Entertainment

Episode 6 – Athletes or gods? (Examining Our Double Standards When It Comes to Athletes and Celebrities)

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