Decibullz Custom-Fit Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review: (Comfortable) Music To Your Ears…

It was closing time at the Digital Experience at this most recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and virtually all the exhibitors that had presented their wares to the media had already shut down in preparation for the start of the convention itself or were well in the process of doing so.  That is except for one because the folks at Decibullz were still working hard to present their products to the media at large. The company was there showing off their line of products but took special care in noting that their Custom-Fit Countour ES Bluetooth Wireless Earphones (MSRP $149.00 at were the flagship products the company was emphasizing more than any other. So when a company (including the CEO himself as seen below) puts forth its faith into a product so strongly it’s not unreasonable to assume that these headphones should be something worth writing good things about. After testing the headphones themselves it can be safely said with some exceptions that this is generally the case.


The trend for the mobile industry away from having products that endorse the long running standard 3.5 mm headphone jack has given many companies such as Decibullz the impetus to come up with products that meet or exceed this incoming Bluetooth standard. With companies like Apple, Samsung and others shunning the old connections in favor of others have given new life to an industry all its own. The headphones themselves work off such a Bluetooth connection that when completed gives one more options when it comes to listening to their favorite music while working, exercising or following safer guidelines with hands free operation while they are driving their car. While the connection for the most part stays consistent there were rare times when the unit encountered a brief interruption in connection with certain head movements or traveling through denser structures.

Decibullz has outfitted the Contour ES unit with simple voice commands reminding the user of such commands as power and connection status and a low battery warning among others which is important to note due to the unit’s somewhat shorter battery life (ranging in our tests from 3-4 hours). The microphone when used in context of answering calls was fair enough to work for hands-free operation but compared to other Bluetooth devices (such as the Plantronics Voyager 5200 headset) the Decibullz unit came across to those receiving audible transmissions as something they could make out but without 100% clearness. So with all that said it comes down to the sound quality and comfort and to many this is where these headphones draws its own line in the sand.

A custom-fitted experience awaits you with earpieces that in minutes can conform to your ear lobe that has the unit feeling comfortable even after hours of continuous use (and yes the ear pieces are re-moldable which is a big bonus selling point). Even with the cord that contains both the rechargeable battery and the power/volume control wrapped behind the head and settling in on the back of the neck the fit and feel of the Decibullz headset after a while becomes barely noticeable at all. While the comfort of the earbuds are top notch the unit’s AptX® High Definition Audio Streaming provides a solid listening experience with excellent midrange and voice clarity with distinct voices and vocals being very distinguishable when listening to the latest podcast or one’s favorite song. When asked to transmit some booming bass or high pitched instrumentals, the Decibullz unit performed without distinction from many others contained within the earbud marketplace.

Looking back on it now one can clearly see why the Decibullz team was working so hard and feverishly beyond all others at the CES Digital Experience to promote their custom-fitting Bluetooth wireless headphones. While it does have some shortcomings the Contour ES superior fit and adequate performance levels can definitely make this a contender for your dollar when it comes to searching for that Bluetooth wireless option. As the trend with mobile devices are leaving the old ways of listening behind it’s good to know that Decibullz has given many a comfortable alternative they can look into when seeking out those wireless options.


(Please note that for this review Game Source did receive a review model for the game from the Public Relations Firm, Developer and/or Publisher responsible for distribution to the press.)


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