Welcome to the Rebel Scout Chronicles

wp-1477887822288.jpgIn my world, Star Wars isn’t just a thing. It’s a way of life. You see the husband is a stormtrooper with the 501st and I’m on my way to being a scout trooper.  Until such time that I am able to get my scout trooper uniform together,  I can often be found helping out with the husband’s troops.  Contrary to popular belief, Star Wars doesn’t fill up ALL my time. I am a citizen of many other fandoms; Doctor Who, Serenity, Harry Potter and the Walking Dead, just to name a few.

That’s what this little corner of Pop Culture Cosmos is about, those fandoms and Pop Culture things that make me smile. It’s a break from my normal writing routine. You see, as a writer, my primary focus is women’s history at Creating Herstory or drinking wine and discussing literature with Michele Levias at Wine, Women, Words.

So I hope you enjoy my adventures!


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