Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Microphone Review

The search for the right mix between a quality performance and an affordable price  as stated previously is one that never ends when it comes to consumer electronics. With the explosion of home recording over the past ten years it’s no wonder that for many that search even becomes more available when looking for a microphone that will fit the bill on both those counts. While that search for many never seems to end, a look at the ATR2500-USB (Audio-Technica, MSRP $99.99) Cardioid condenser microphone could be one item that come across as a potential candidate.

With a no-nonsense USB hook up that recognizes easily on your Mac or PC, the ATR2500 easily makes itself available for use in a matter of seconds. Offering a frequency response of 30-15,000 Hz, the microphone delivers variance in the volume well but could stand to use a bit more range when it comes to a dynamic range. Clarity within a studio setting performed admirably but in a more live setting some slight distortion issues did persist.

Where this microphone shines is its capabilities as a versatile microphone for streaming and podcasting capabilities. Willing to serve both home and studio use, the ATR2500-USB picks up ambient talk and direct voice input clearly and shows its wear as a workhorse willing to go anywhere to get the job done. Accompanying stand, USB cable, headphone jack and adjustable volume controls allow the ATR-2500 to be just as solid an investment as a studio operative, whether one is recording that next hit song or going live on their latest internet program.

So many options are available when it comes to what devices one needs to produce the best quality audio recording. If that’s the case then it is nice to know that Audio-Technica has come up with an affordable alternative that can give artists a “leg up” in bringing their next project to life. While the ATR2500-USB isn’t perfect, it does provide a versatility that can stand up to a great deal of broadcasting options.



(Please note that for this article, reviewer did receive a code/copy/product from the Public Relations Firm, Developer and/or Publisher responsible for distribution to the press.)

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