LyxPro SMU-1 USB Condenser Microphone Review

The fact that a vast majority of these podcasts (like the NU Herald’s) are free, however, does not leave much room in the budget for expensive equipment. Headphones with microphones are not the solution for everyone, so what alternatives are still left in play.

The LyxPro SMU-1 USB Condenser Microphone (LyxPro MSRP $59.99) just may be the answer.

The LyxPro SMU-1 is a USB-connected large diaphragm cardioid (unidirectional) microphone that, with its AD/DA converter, easily hooks up via plug-and-play to any Windows laptop or computer (Win 2000 and newer).

While the microphone lights up with a blue glow as it signals its readiness to play, the included stand mount clip provides a 3/8- or 5/8-inch base. The microphone clip is a convenient added feature, but a bundle including a stand and/or shock-proof mount would have still kept the price comparatively low while giving the consumer the necessary components for desktop recording.

So while we have addressed the included (and required) features for the microphone, the ultimate question remains: How does it sound?

The microphone itself transmits a solid 16 bit /38 khz sampling rate which, when used singularly, provides a moderate performance with very some ambient sound added. If conducting a group recording, the unidirectional pickup of the SMU-1 from those coming in at an angle are still audible but could stand to use a little post-production audio boost.

With the number of people needing a better microphone experience growing by the day, it’s nice to know that the Lyx Pro SMU-1 can be a recording device capable of delivering many of their needs. As a singular experience, the LyxPro stands out as a value capable of handling whatever is being recorded. The added bonus of a sticker price below $100 is satisfying to say the least.

If there is a podcaster, broadcaster, streamer or interviewer looking for that stand alone tabletop audio experience, this USB condenser microphone may just provide an effective answer for all their recording needs.


Please note that for this review, the writer did receive a review product/code from the Public Relations Firm, Developer and/or Publisher responsible for distribution to the press.

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