AG9 Headset from PDP Review

It is understandable to assume that purchasing wireless technology for an audio experience often comes at a hefty price. One could also say that when choosing a headset, the expected cost of going wireless often dictates a trade-off of quality when compared to its wired counterparts. A recent look at other headsets have shown that while corded versions often hold a distinct advantage, value can still be found for wireless options in the marketplace. The AG9 (Performance Design Products $MSRP 99.99) series of headsets, designed to work with PC, Playstation 4 or the Xbox One offers wireless value at an affordable price. Does that necessarily mean, however, that this is the one for you?

For those seeking a great deal of range and battery life on their wireless experience, this is one avenue to explore. With a strong battery life lasting 16 hours and a range of up to 40 feet, the AG9 more than holds its own against comparable units given those aspects. The unit also provides LED lighting, now a signature enhancement with PDP products that (given the console being used in conjunction with:blue for PS4; green for Xbox One) makes for a unique look that will signal to others that it’s game on for this player.

While the aesthetics of the LED lighting are great, the focus of PDP on this aspect of the design seemingly takes away from other more important features that definitely need improvements. (Besides, are you really going to look at the headset during use?) The split headband design, while cushioned to provide extra padding for comfort, is heavier than most headsets and can become cumbersome even after a short amount of use. If the heavier earpieces meant a higher sound quality, that would be a nice tradeoff, but that is unfortunately not the case.

The listening experience created by the 50mm drivers either on Pure Sound mode or Bass Boost, when compared to other headsets, falls short and does not provide a needed balance to qualify this as a quality headpiece. The offering of an inline or detachable microphone on the headset is comparable to other contemporary headsets. When actual transmission is made, however, and any type of recording is done from the unit using either mic, the sound comes off a bit cloudy next to wired models from Plantronics and wireless units from Turtle Beach, Sony and Plantronics that also are priced under $100.

Overall, one cannot help but think that while the LED functionality is great, the PDP AG9 headset line would have been better served by a greater focus on actual performance itself. Yes, it is a value priced wireless experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a substandard one also.


Please note that for this article, reviewer did receive a code/copy/product for the game from the Public Relations Firm, Developer and/or Publisher responsible for distribution to the press.

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