Hello from Wine, Women & Words!

Welcome to Wine, Women & Words – a haven for fellow book dragons (the badass cousins to bookworms) and wine lovers alike. Created and hosted by Diana Tierney and Michele Leivas, this podcast airs every Thursday night on the Wine, Women & Words YouTube channel. If you’re not able to catch the discussion live, you can always find the latest videos here!

About the podcast:

Each week, Diana and Michele discuss different literary topics (and provide new book recommendations for you to add to your TBR list!) as they unwind with a glass of wine – because nothing goes better with a good book than a good friend and good wine. Topics have ranged from best plot twists to literary travel destinations to favorite literary couples. The ladies also have their BOTM — book of the month — which they encourage you to read along with them. On occasion, they have also been lucky enough to bring on a special guest to make for some truly fascinating conversation.

About the hosts:

Mich575598_10151359855531881_1978945906_nele is a multitasker extraordinaire, which is a fancy way of saying she is a stay-at-home mother of two. Her love of reading is matched by her love of writing and she does freelance work for various publications in the San Diego area. She is a proud military wife (go Navy!) and a lover of all things Disney. Her pastimes include searching for ways to bottle her children’s boundless energy, reheating cups of coffee and eating copious amounts of chocolate.

As a writer, Diana’s primary focus is on women’s history which can be seen at her blog Creating Herstory. An all around Nerd Girl, her fandoms range far and wide from Doctor Who to Star Wars. When not enjoying a glass of wine with Michele, she can be found seeking new adventures with her husband and two dogs, Lilo and Fizzgig.

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